Nurturing Growth, Fostering Resilience

Explore Self-Discovery with Avlmosegården’s Equine-Assisted Therapy

Avlmosegården brings a unique educational approach to the mental health field. Our tranquil farm setting is the cornerstone for those, especially youth with challenges like school reluctance and autism, to build self-awareness and social skills in a nonjudgmental space through the gentle guidance of horses.

Professional team offering a specialized approach to mental health through horse-assisted interactions. Customized support for personal and social development.

Nurturing Growth, Cultivating Well-being: Our Mission

At Avlmosegården, our dedicated team offers a nurturing pedagogical approach through equine-assisted interaction, aiding the personal development of youth with unique needs such as school refusal and autism in a non-judgmental environment.


Pioneers in Equine-Assisted Development

Our professionals are seasoned in fostering self-insight and social skills through the gentle guidance of equine companions.


Personalized and Empathetic Support

At Avlmosegården, we tailor our equine-assisted programs to enrich your individual journey towards mental and social well-being.


Innovative Equine-Assisted Programs

We are committed to mental growth and social skill development by harnessing the profound impact of our equine-assisted methodologies.


Strengthening Self-Awareness for Community Thriving

Fostering self-awareness and empathy, we empower individuals to contribute positively to nurturing communities.

Avlmosegården’s exceptional equine-assisted services have opened new paths for my personal growth. Absolutely endorse their expertise!


Outreach Coordinator

Avlmosegården’s equine-facilitated approach creates transformative experiences.

Lena Kristensen

Pedagogical Director

Embark on Your Journey

Foster resilience with Avlmosegården’s unique approach to mental growth through equine-assisted experiences. Dedicated to nurturing the young and those with special needs, our serene environment awaits. Reach out now.