Opdag balance mellem krop og sind ved hesteassisteret samvær.

Empower your journey, harness inner strengths, and thrive with our equine-assisted approach.

Equine-Assisted Growth Programs

Proficient facilitators offering horse-assisted interactions for personal development, focusing on youth with unique needs like school reluctance and autism.

Personal Development with Equine Insight

Nurturing, private sessions fostering self-awareness and social skills through equine communication.

Innovative Equine Group Encounters

Engage with peers in equine-facilitated sessions to navigate social dynamics and personal hurdles.

Enhancing Social Skills with Equine Therapy

Bolster your social acumen through guided interactions with horses, fostering authentic connections.

Nurturing Potential, Cultivating Resilience: Our Mission

At Avlmosegården, our dedicated team offers innovative pedagogical methods with equine-assisted engagement. Embrace your journey towards personal growth with our non-judgmental, horse-guided experiences.


Pioneers in Equine-Assisted Development

Our professionals excel in fostering self-awareness and social skills through therapeutic interaction with horses.


Tailored Equine-Assisted Learning Programs

We lead with innovative equine-assisted programs that build confidence and emotional intelligence in a serene environment.


Elevating Well-being Through Equine Connection

Fostering self-discovery and societal contribution, we strengthen the fabric of our community through equine empathy and understanding.

Client Voices: Discover the impact we’ve made.

Explore testimonials highlighting the unique, horse-assisted programs at Avlmosegården, where unparalleled support fosters personal growth.

Avlmosegården’s nurturing environment offered more than support—it sparked transformation.

Anna Kristensen

Pedagogical Specialist

The intuitive approach at Avlmosegården with horse-assisted activities brought me clarity and confidence.

Lars Mikkelsen


At Avlmosegården, I rediscovered joy and a sense of connection.

Mette Nielsen

Behavioral Therapist

Avlmosegården was a turning point in my journey, offering lasting change through their unique care.

Jesper Sørensen

Youth Advocate

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