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Pioneers in Therapeutic Equestrian Engagement

Meet Avlmosegården’s Equine-Assisted Therapy Specialists

Our Avlmosegården team brings a unique blend of expertise in equine-assisted therapy, providing over 40 years of combined experience. Our specialists are adept in creating a nurturing environment for personal growth, particularly for young individuals with special needs.

Lars Mikkelsen

Equine Therapy Coach

Lars Mikkelsen: Dedicated coach with a decade of experience in equine-assisted learning and therapy.

Dr. Anna Johansen

Pedagogical Therapist

Dr. Anna Johansen: Specializing in educational therapy, integrating horses for breakthroughs in communication.

Peter Svendsen

Therapeutic Horsemanship Instructor

Peter Svendsen: Skilled in therapeutic riding, aiding in the self-awareness and social skills development.

Emma Kristensen

Youth Development Specialist

Emma Kristensen: Inspiring young minds through equine interaction, focusing on non-verbal communication.

Embark on Your Path to Inner Peace with Avlmosegården

Start your personal growth journey at Avlmosegården. Our dedicated team specializes in equine-assisted therapy, offering a unique educational approach to help individuals, particularly youth with specific needs, develop self-awareness and social skills in a non-judgmental environment.