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Integrated Therapeutic Solutions

Holistic Equine-Assisted Development

Specialized staff delivering horse-assisted social growth services for youth with unique needs, including school avoidance and autism. Individualized development sessions for social skills.

Sustained Social Skills Advancement

Protected, private sessions for self-awareness and interpersonal skill-building.

Empowering Equine Engagement Groups

Join peers in equine therapy groups to foster self-understanding and mutual support.

Nurturing Bonds with Horse-Assisted Therapy

Fortify your bond through shared horse-based therapy experiences. Professional support for a stronger partnership.

Explore Our Unique Approach

Innovative equine-assisted programs tailored for personal growth.

Skilled Facilitators in Equine Interactions

At Avlmosegården, our empathetic facilitators guide through horse-assisted development.

Dedicated Team Supporting Individual Journeys

Discover our team’s proficiency in equine therapy, enhancing self-awareness and social skills.

Nurturing Potential in Safe Spaces

Fostering personal and social capabilities for a more inclusive society.

Customized Pathways to Self-Discovery

Personalized journeys towards self-discovery and social competence.

Pioneering Equine-Assisted Services

State-of-the-art equine therapies for overcoming educational and social barriers.

Embark on Your Personal Growth Path at Avlmosegården

Nurture your inner world at Avlmosegården. Our dedicated team offers horse-assisted activities to foster self-awareness and social skills. Reach out today.

  • Dedicated Specialists Offering Supportive Interaction
  • Personalized Engagement Programs for Profound Development
  • Specialized Care through Equine-Assisted Experiences
  • Innovative Equine Therapy Techniques
  • Nurturing Self-Discovery for a Harmonious Society